Custom Sunglasses For Weddings

Looking to make your big day that extra bit special? Our custom printed sunglasses may be the perfect solution for your wedding!

Over the past few years we have been inundated with requests for personalised sunglasses to give away as wedding favors. Here are a few examples of our previous work:

Is there a minimum order?

The short answer is NO. However, economically it doesn't make sense to order only a few pairs due to the print process used. But it is entirely up to the customer if you would like to do that. There are fixed costs that cannot be avoided, please see details below.

So, how much does it cost to print?

Every job is different but our print costs are generally as follows:

Black ink: £150

White ink: £180

Pantone colour matched ink: £180

Does that include the price of the sunglasses?

Our sunglasses cost is added on to these printing charges but as we offer varying price breaks, it's difficult to quote them here. Our current price breaks (as of 24th June 2018) for plain colour Classic Sunglasses with Black lens are:

1-20 pairs = £2.19 each

21-49 pairs = £1.69 each

50-99 pairs = £1.39 each

100-499 pairs = £1.19 each

Prices for mirrored lens & unique designs will vary.

Rough costs explained

So, let's say you are looking to order 100 pairs of mixed colours sunglasses printed with Black ink. The following would be your total costs:

100x Classic Sunglasses @ £1.19 each

Print Costs @ £150

TOTAL = £269 (works out £2.69 per pair!)


Sound good? Please do use the contact form below or you can reach out to us on Social Media @wsukofficial for more information!